Sunday, December 17, 2006

Success and Safety In Online Dating
by: Nathalie Fiset, M.D.

With today’s world moving on the fast lane, people do not just have the time to meet people and engage in chitchats with potential partners. Instead of going to bars and other activity places where they can meet single people, most would rather curl up on their couch and just rest after a hard days’ work. This is especially true with professionals who are busy with their work or those who work all day and are just too tired to go out in the evenings.

This is perhaps why online dating services and matching sites have become so popular over the years. Now, people no longer search for potential mates in bars but at the comfort of their own homes through the Internet.

There are actually hundreds of online dating sites that offer their services. Some for free while others charge minimal fees for subscriptions and additional services. Despite the name, one does not actually date someone over the Internet or virtually. These websites are just ways for people to meet and hook up.

Dating and getting to know each other will still be done in the flesh. One drawback in using the Internet to meet people is the fact that you can never be really sure about your date. Remember that these sites are also filled with people who are out to con people. This is why when meeting a potential date for the first time, it is good to follow these tips so as to have a safe and enjoyable date.

1. Take it slowly Chat first for a few months before agreeing on meeting for a date. Use the time to get to know the person. Do not plunge in. Keep your mind open to possibilities but keep your eyes open for inconsistencies in the information that they give. Posers will definitely give you the slip.

You should also observe their behavior through the stories that they tell you while chatting. If you feel that someone is just too good to be true; then follow your gut feel. If he or she makes you feel uncomfortable or you feel that there is something wrong that you just can’t pinpoint; follow your instincts.
It is good to err on the side of caution especially when your life and reputation is at stake. There are hundreds of people out there. It will be easy to find someone that is just for you.

2. Be cautious about the information that you give
Never give out information that are just too personal. Examples of these information are your credit card numbers, your address, your telephone number, your workplace. If you have to tell them what your work is, tell them your position and the field where your company is in but do not tell them the name of the company.

Rule of thumb is to never tell them something that will allow them to trace you. It is still important that you still keep your anonymity intact. Some online dating sites will assign you a personalized email address that is used only at the site. This way, you don’t have to use your personal email address.
Also when chatting, try to log in on the site and chat there. Never give your email or ym address unless you are really sure that they are complete trustworthy. If someone pressures you to reveal these information, stop communicating with that person.

3. Chat on the phone first After chatting online, you can actually take the next step and chat on the phone. This way conversations are more spontaneous and more likely to reveal true identities. Because you are actually conversing directly, slip ups are likely to happen.

Another good thing about talking on the phone before you actually meet is the fact that you can also determine the personality of the person through the voice and the way he or she handles the conversation.

About The Author
Dr Nathalie Fiset is a family doctor and a certified hypnotherapist. For more information go to: or